Commission Vacancies

AS OF JANUARY 10, 2017

Accessibility & Disability Commission District 5 Michael Warner, II NOT ELIGIBLE 6/30/2012
Accessibility & Disability Commission District 6 Vacant 6/30/2019
Accessibility & Disability Commission Mayor Vacant 6/30/2019
Arts & Culture Commission Dist. 5 Meriel Stern NOT ELIGIBLE 6/30/2016
Commission on the Status of Women District 5 Michelle Zavala  NOT ELIGIBLE 6/30/2012
Design Commission At Large Noam Maitless after 1/20/2017 6/30/2017
Environmental Advisory Commission District 6 Vacant 6/30/2019
Historic Preservation Commission District 4 Laura Rodriguez NOT ELIGIBLE 6/30/2016
Historic Preservation Commission Banbury Oaks Estella Casas NOT ELIGIBLE 6/30/2009
Historic Preservation Commission Crawfords Vista Kenneth Ayala NOT ELIGIBLE 6/30/2010
Historic Preservation Commission Madison/Oaklnd Steven Sunshine NOT ELIGIBLE 6/30/2007
Historic Preservation Commission Wash. Square Jaime Lara NOT ELIGIBLE 6/30/2012
Human Relations Commission District 5 Nat Nehdar NOT ELIGIBLE 6/30/2014
Northwest Commission District 4 Allen Shay ELIGIBLE 6/30/2015
Old Pasadena Parking At Large/L Susan L. Hickman NOT ELIGIBLE 6/30/2007
Old Pasadena Parking At Large/O Sally Lunetta NOT ELIGIBLE 6/30/2005
Old Pasadena Parking At Large/O Steve Mulheim NOT ELIGIBLE 6/30/2016
Old Pasadena Parking At Large/O Marilyn Dee Buchanan NOT ELIGIBLE 6/30/2004
Old Pasadena Parking At Large/L Scott Ward NOT ELIGIBLE 6/30/2008
Old Pasadena Parking At Large/L Debbie Meymarian NOT ELIGIBLE 6/30/2009
Pasadena Center Operating Company Mayor/Prop Own Michael De Leon NOT ELIGIBLE 6/30/2011
Pasadena Center Operating Company Hotel Steven Parker NOT ELIGIBLE 6/30/2015
Planning Commission District 4 Greg Jones NOT ELIGIBLE 6/30/2015
Recreation and Parks Commission District 4 Thom Mrozek NOT ELIGIBLE 6/30/2014
Recreation and Parks Commission District 5 Rita Moreno NOT ELIGIBLE 6/30/2012
Recreation and Parks Commission District 6 Anita Fromholz ELIGIBLE 6/30/2016
Rose Bowl Aquatics Center Board City Vacant 3/1/2018
Rose Bowl Operating Company Board District 6 Fred Claire NOT ELIGIBLE 6/1/2013
Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Advisory Committee City Vacant n/a
Senior Commission District 6 Angie Mont O’Brien NOT ELIGIBLE 6/30/2009
Senior Commission Mayor Vacant 6/30/2019
South Lake Parking Place Commission At Large/Owner vacant  6/30/2019
Transportation Advisory Commission District 4 Manoochehr Adhami NOT ELIGIBLE 6/30/2016

Interested in being considered for membership on an advisory body or commission?
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Commission/Advisory Body Application (PDF Version) | Commission/Advisory Body Application (Word Version)
Please send advisory body applications/resumes to: Jana L. Stewart
Office of the Mayor & City Council
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