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Report Fraud, Waste, or AbuseFor suspected cases of fraud by the City or its employees, officials, contractors or vendors.

Report Water and Power ScamsIf you are being targeting by scammers, contact PWP at (626) 744-4005.

Contest a Parking CitationThere are three levels prescribed by the California Vehicle code to contesting a parking citation.

Report a CrimeThis online citizen police report system allows you to submit a report immediately.

Contact Police (non-crime)Contact the Pasadena Police Department.

for emergencies, call 9-1-1


Internal Audit is charged with promoting good governance by evaluating the internal controls and efficiency and effectiveness of the City of Pasadena.  This includes auditing the performance and financial integrity of City departments, evaluating internal controls over programs and processes, and promoting efficient government through a variety of special projects and initiatives.  Internal Audit is also responsible for the City’s Fraud Hotline, which receives and tracks complaints related to fraud, waste and abuse within the City of Pasadena.

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