Current Issues


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For those of you who are wondering why fabric and sandbags have been placed along various catch basins throughout the City, here’s why: As part of the Regional Water Quality Control Board’s MS4 Permit requirements, the City is required to submit an annual report demonstrating its compliance with mandated Trash […]

Thatcher Medical Building Project Quick Facts and Status Update

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PLANNING AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT Thatcher Medical Building Project Quick Facts and Status Update Development and Redevelopment of Property in Pasadena Property owners have the ability to develop their property consistent with: Specific Plan Regulations/Zoning Requirements; The General Plan; The California Environmental Quality Act; and Other applicable state and local […]

Landmark Districts in Pasadena

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The best way to preserve neighborhood character is to establish Landmark Districts when possible. A Landmark District is a grouping of contiguous properties that is united by a plan or physical development and represents a specific aspect of the City’s history. Below is more information on establishing a Landmark District […]

General Plan/Specific Plans Implementation Process

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In 2015, the City Council adopted the General Plan Land Use and Mobility Elements, to ensure that Pasadena continues to strategically and sustainably grow over the next 20 years. Soon, staff will begin to update all eight Specific Plans, including development standards and zoning for each. The community will be […]

Anti-Mansionization Development Standards Work Program

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At the direction of City Council, and in response to concerns for the potential of “Mansionization” in Pasadena, city staff is undertaking a comprehensive effort to revise the Zoning Code development standards governing single family residences. Below is the work plan, with a second round of Community meetings anticipated for […]