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The Economic Development Division promotes investments in the city and helps secure quality goods and services for local residents and businesses. Specific goals are to provide retail opportunities to meet the needs of our citizens, promote research activities, create diverse job opportunities, and to assist in the fiscal stability of the city. Below is our team, at the ready to help you with your next project.


Pasadena’s Economic Development Division is focused on encouraging and facilitating investment that contributes to Pasadena quality of life. We have attempted to collect all of the information and assets you may need to open, expand, or relocate your business in Pasadena. Please visit our Business Resources page for more information related to your existing or planned business.

The Real Property Section represents the City of Pasadena in the negotiation of leases to and from the City, property management, surplus property sales functions, and the acquisition of properties for the City. Real Property also provides cost estimates and appraisals for the City budgeting purposes, performs environmental studies and oversees the maintenance of various City owned vacant land parcels located throughout the City. For additional information on the Real Property Division please contact Jeffrey Hernandez, Real Property Manager at jehernandez@cityofpasadena.net or (626) 744-7356.There are no buildings available for lease or sale at this time.

The Pasadena Community Development Commission (PCDC) was established with a mission: “To enhance the economic stability of the City through economic development and affordable housing programs.” The PCDC focuses on the identification, development and/or revitalization of commercial and neighborhood project areas within Pasadena. The PCDC is responsible for the activities of seven Redevelopment Project Areas, which generates approximately $29.7 million of tax increment within the boundaries of the Downtown, Lincoln Avenue, Fair Oaks Avenue, Villa-Parke, and Lake/Washington Redevelopment Project areas. For additional information on the Redevelopment Division please contact: Dave Klug, Real Property Manager at (626) 744-4660 or via email: dklug@cityofpasadena.net


Eric Duyshart

Division Manager
(626) 744-7353

Anashe Davoodian

Senior Office Assistant

Ruth Martinez

Business Concierge

Michelle Garrett

Project Manager
Events, Innovate Pasadena

Jeffrey Hernandez

Real Property Manager
(626) 744-7356

Dave Klug

Redevelopment Manager