Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

The Community Development Block Grant (“CDBG”) Program is a federal grant program administered locally by the Pasadena Community Development Commission. The national objectives of the CDBG Program are to:

  1. Benefit Low and Moderate Income Persons
  2. Eliminate Slum and Blighted Conditions
  3. Meet an Urgent Need

Over 50 non-profit agencies in Pasadena currently receive CDBG funds to provide vital services to the community. Some examples of CDBG-funded activities in Pasadena include tutoring, health services, small business assistance, senior services, housing rehabilitation, public facilities improvement, food assistance, and fair housing services.

CDBG funds for public and human service activities (e.g., job training, homeless services, counseling, child care) are allocated on a two-year funding cycle. CDBG funds for non-service activities (e.g., housing renovation, property acquisition, economic development) are allocated annually.


The Housing and Career Services Department would like to thank the residents of Pasadena for participating in the Community Priority Survey. This survey allows the City to identify what project activities are needed in the community. The top 5 priorities for each activity category (Public Service, Economic Development, Public Facility Improvements, Infrastructure Improvements, and Housing) will receive scoring preferences during the evaluation of PY2016-2017 CDBG Request for Proposals (RFP) process. View the results of the survey by clicking the link below.

Priority Survey Results for PY16-17