Commission on the Status of Women

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The Commission meets on the second Monday of the month at various locations, which are open to the public.

For more information contact (626) 744-6522 or

About the Commission

The City Board of Directors established the Pasadena Commission on the Status of Women on May 31, 1977. The Commission serves as an advisory body to City Council with ten members. Each member serves on a volunteer basis and is a City resident. Membership is limited to Pasadena residents who “possess knowledge or ability in areas having significant bearing on sex discrimination or possess leadership qualities in community activities affecting the general welfare of women in the City of Pasadena.” The Commission is currently reviewing issues affecting women in the areas of education, health, leadership, prejudice and discrimination, legislation and women in the workplace.

Commission Purpose

The purpose of the Commission is to: STUDY AND EXAMINE through the conduct of meeting, conferences, public hearings or other appropriate methods those conditions which indicate discrimination or prejudice encountered by women. RECOMMEND procedures, programs and legislation to promote and ensure equal rights and opportunities for all women in the city. CONSULT AND COOPERATE with other public agencies and commissions on matters relevant to the commission. IN CONNECTION with the foregoing functions, the commission may: Act as a conciliator or mediator in disputes within the scope of the commission’s functions with the approval of the parties. Request of any city department or agency: information, services, facilities, and assistance in furtherance of the objectives of the commission. Coordinate activities of community groups and organizations dealing with equal rights and special concerns of women. Collect, coordinate and disseminate information concerning women. Develop and maintain a talent bank of women to assist the city in performing its functions.

Commission Members

Name Nominating Authority Term Expires
Charlotte Bland District 4 6/30/17
Lorena Yepez Hernandez, Chair District 7 6/30/17
Norma Estela Fernandez, Vice Chair Mayor 6/30/19
Marna Cornell At Large 2 6/30/19
Evan Kendall McCrary District 1 6/30/16
Lorraine Montgomery District 2 6/30/17
Nichelle Holliday District 3 6/30/19
Jessica C. Rivas District 5 6/30/18
Anne Wolf District 6 6/30/18

Report on the Status of Women

Cover Report on the Status of Women

This report, researched by Mount Saint Mary’s University in partnership with the Pasadena Commission on the Status of Women, highlights areas of gender inequity and other factors important to the quality of life for the women and girls living and working in Pasadena. It examines five key issues – employment and earnings, housing and homelessness, women veterans, human trafficking and domestic violence – that illustrate challenges women face in the political, social and economic realms.

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Survival Guide

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