Mission Statement

The Department of Information Technology (DoIT) is committed to increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the City’s information technology services and support. DoIT provides customer-driven services citywide in areas utilizing networks, desktops, application development, radios and telephones, and related program and project management. These services are of the highest quality possible and are consistent with customers’ needs, schedules, and budgets.

To provide proven, state-of-the-practice Information Technologies, in the most strategic, cost effective, and efficient ways possible to support internal City operations and business activities with trained, self-motivated, and capable professionals in an empowering environment.

In pursuit of this mission, our efforts are guided by the following Operating Principles:

  • We are customer service and solutions oriented;
  • We are in the business of saying “Yes”;
  • We exist to serve our customers; and
  • Our success is measured by the success of our customers and by our alignment to their business objectives.

The following goals will assist us in accomplishing our mission and exhibiting our operating principles on a daily basis:

  • Be a consultative organization that is embedded within our customers’ business, and highly responsive to their technological needs;
  • Build an innovative culture that is forward thinking and offers solutions;
  • Be a performance based organization using metrics and performance measures rigorously to promote excellence and accountability; and
  • Develop and maintain a technology road map of all existing and contemplated services.