Pasadena Short Range Transit Plan

Pasadena Short Range Transit Plan

The Department of Transportation (DOT) is conducting its Short Range Transit Plan (SRTP) update process. The SRTP guides the next five years of programming of transit service development and investments that support the policy goals for Pasadena Transit and Pasadena Dial-A-Ride. Pasadena Transit is the City’s fixed-route bus service which provides six routes that travel throughout Pasadena, including service to the six Gold Line stations, commercial corridors, major business and employment areas, schools and colleges, parks, medical facilities, dense residential areas, etc. Pasadena Dial-A-Ride is a demand-response paratransit service for seniors and individuals with disabilities that provides service to residents of Pasadena, San Marino, Altadena, and other adjacent unincorporated areas within the service area.

For the SRTP update, DOT completed data analytics for current ridership and operations in Fall 2016 and in Spring 2017 conducted public outreach to solicit public feedback. This outreach included five public meetings, on board surveys, and online surveys. Based on the results of the data analysis and public outreach, draft SRTP recommendations have been developed. These draft recommendations are being presented to several City Commissions and at two additional general public meetings prior to finalizing the SRTP for City Council adoption.

Data Analysis

On an ongoing monthly basis performance monitoring and data analysis is conducted of Pasadena Transit and Pasadena Dial-A-Ride. This data is used to measure ridership trends, demand on the system, and efficiency of the services, among other factors. The SRTP is an opportunity to conduct a comprehensive in depth data analysis and review of feedback. The results of the data analysis and operational review were used to confirm the results of the public outreach effort, as well as to develop and prioritize the final recommendations.

Stakeholder Meetings

The SRTP process was designed to encourage stakeholder involvement and include public comments from a number of sources. A series of public meetings were held and an online survey was developed. In addition to notifications posted on all of Pasadena’s public transit fleet,, and on the Pasadena DOT Twitter, an outreach video and editorial piece was also developed by Pasadena Now that was posted on their website and Facebook page. Various City Commissions were invited to participate, including the Accessibility and Disability Commission, Northwest Commission, Transportation Advisory Commission, Recreation and Parks Commission, Environmental Advisory Commission, Human Services Commission and the Senior Commission. Additionally, the Old Pasadena Management District, Playhouse District, South Lake Business Association, Chamber of Commerce, as well as representatives from the Pasadena Transportation Management Association (e.g., Art Center, JPL, Caltech, etc.), were invited to participate in the survey and the following series of five (5) public meetings:

  • Three (3) general meetings
  • One (1) meeting focused on seniors/persons with disabilities
  • One (1) meeting focused on youth

Survey Highlights

Survey respondents were asked questions regarding age, gender, home zip code, race, employment, and income information. Respondents were also asked to rank Pasadena Transit on a number of factors including their satisfaction with hours and frequency of service on weekdays and the weekend. A total of 628 survey responses were collected; 303 were collected on board Pasadena Transit buses and 325 were submitted online. Key take-aways for Pasadena Transit from the survey include:

  • Overall satisfaction with Pasadena Transit: 88% ranked it as excellent or good
  • Customer service of bus drivers: 85% ranked it as excellent or good
  • Frequency of weekday service: 81% ranked how often the bus runs as excellent or good (not including those that responded no opinion)
  • Span of weekday service: 73% ranked the hours the bus runs as excellent or good (not including those that responded no opinion)
  • Frequency of weekend service: 54% ranked how often the bus runs as excellent or good (not including those that responded no opinion)
  • Span of weekend service: 49% ranked hours the bus runs as excellent or good (not including those that responded no opinion)
  • 83% of respondents indicated they would use Sunday service on Pasadena Transit

Draft Short Range Transit Plan

The Draft SRTP was presented to the Municipal Service Committee on September 25, 2018.  To view the document, click on the image below.


The survey results and public feedback combined with the ridership data and ongoing operational analysis informed the public development of the following recommendations.

•Draft Recommendations

The Draft SRTP Recommendations have been presented to the Transportation Advisory Commission, Senior Commission, Northwest Commission, Parks and Recreation Commission, and the Accessibility and Disability Commission. DOT also held two additional public meetings to present these recommendations and invite public comment. Feedback provided during this process will be incorporated into the final draft SRTP that will be presented to the City Council for adoption. It is anticipated that the SRTP will be adopted in 2018.

Feedback on the recommendations can also be provided at

Previous Short Range Transit Plan (2013)