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The City Council established the Civic Center Task Force on July 17, 2017 to provide recommendations to the City Council regarding new construction/development and land-use standards of the YWCA and YMCA blocks consistent with the Central District Specific Plan; possible programming of public rights-of-way within Centennial Plaza, Holly Street and Garfield Avenue; and potential landscape/hardscape improvements.  See agenda report and minutes of the City Council’s June 17, 2017 meeting for more details.  The City Council requested that the Task Force provide its recommendations to the City Council within six months of its initial meeting on  Thursday, October 26th, at City Hall Basement Training Room, 100 North Garfield Avenue, S018 , beginning at 6:00 p.m.

Draft Meeting Schedule & Conceptual Outline:

CCTF Meeting Schedule Notice
Conceptual outline of CCTF meetings


15 members.  The Mayor shall nominate two members; each Councilmember shall nominate one member: each of the following Commissions and organizations shall nominate one member:  Historic Preservation Commission, Planning Commission, Design Commission, Transportation Advisory Commission, Pasadena Heritage, and Downtown Pasadena Neighborhood Association.

Task Force Members:

Name Nominating Authority
Andrea Rawlings Mayor
Vince Farhat Mayor
Raphael Henderson District 1
Chris Peck District 2
Vacant District 3
Lambert M. Giessinger District 4
Cecilia Estolano District 5
Wendy Cobleigh District 6
Gail Price District 7
Gary Floyd Historic Preservation Commission
Stephanie DeWolfe Planning Commission
Blair Miller Transportation Advisory Commission
Alan Loomis Design Commission
Claire Bogaard Pasadena Heritage
John Byram Downtown Pasadena Neighborhood Association


Until Task Force dissolved by City Council


Contact Information:

Please contact Julia Garzon at (626) 744-7310 or for meeting information or to be enrolled in our mailing list.


Meeting Documents:

Thursday, October 26th, 2017:
CCTF Kick-off Meeting Notice
CCTF Agenda 10-26-2017
PowerPoint Presentation_10-26-17
Training Summary For Civic Center Task Force
Meeting Summary_10-26-17

Saturday, December 2nd, 2017:
CCTF Agenda 12-02-2017
PowerPoint Presentation_12-02-17
Steve Mermell’s PowerPoint Presentation
Attachment A_Bennett Plan Drawing
Attachment B_CC Ordinance 2116, Including PC Resoultion 2
Attachment C_Map of Legal Description from Resoultion2 and 1910 Sanborn Maps
Attachment D_Records of Bennett’s Civic Center Subsequent to Building Design Competition
Attachment E_1925 and 1926 Bennett Plans
Attachment F_Timeline of Bennett Plan Development
Attachment G_Report on a Plan for the City of Pasadena by Bennett, Parsons and Frost, 1925
Attachment H_BP-6 General Perspective
Attachment I_BP-26 General Plan
Attachment J_Pasadena, the Grouping of Civic Buildings by Bennett, Parsons and Frost, undated
Attachment K_1922 and 1928 Zone Maps
Attachment L_Excerpts from Pasadena Central District Capital Improvement Program, 1977
Attachment M_Excerpts from Ordinance 6066 (Implementing Downtown Pasadena Urban Design Plan), 1984
Attachment N_Excerpts from Civic Center Specific Plan, 1984
Attachment O_Excerpts from Civic Center-MidTown Programming Effort Report, 1998
Attachment P_Excerpts from 2001 and 2003
Attachment Q_Excerpts from the Central District Specific Plan, 2004
Pasadena Civic Center Historic District National Register Nomination Form
Meeting Summary_12-02-2017
City Hall Aerial Map 1938 – Provided by Task Member John Byram
Historic Documents – Provided by Ann Scheid

Information Requested by Task Force Members:
Kimpton EIR 
General Plan Greenspace, Recreation & Parks Element
Kimpton Project Approval Letter, August 15, 2016
Civic Center Midtown District Design Project Design Development Plans, December 15, 2003

Saturday, January 20th, 2018:
CCTF Agenda 1-20-18
CCTF Memo 1-20-18
Allowed Land Uses
PowerPoint by Eric Duyshart
PowerPoint by David Reyes
PowerPoint by Kevin Johnson
CCTF Break-Out Sessions Boards

Documents Provided by Ann Scheid
Comments from Marsha Rood

Saturday, February 3rd, 2018:
Information forthcoming!