Marijuana Regulations

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Q:  What were the results of Ballot Measure CC and Ballot Measure DD?

A:  On June 5, 2018, Pasadena voters approved Ballot Measures CC and DD.  Measure CC allows a limited number of cannabis (marijuana) retailers, cultivators, and testing labs to operate within specific zoning areas in the City.  Measure DD levies a business license tax on commercial cannabis businesses of up to $10/canopy square foot (for cultivation) and between 4-6% of gross receipts (for retail sales).


Q:  What happens now?

A:  City staff are developing the application procedure, permittee selection process, and general administrative procedures for the issuance of commercial cannabis permits and the collection of taxes on cannabis products.  Review criteria will be developed to evaluate applications.  The criteria and procedures will be made available to everyone prior to the initial application period.  It is anticipated that the City’s commercial cannabis program will roll out in January 2019.

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Q:  When will the City begin accepting applications for commercial cannabis permits?

A:  It is anticipated that the applications will be available in January 2019. Once the application procedure and selection process have been established, the City Manager or his/her designee will announce the initial 30-day application period.  The City will use multiple methods to publicize the application period, including the webpage, e-blasts, and newsletters.  Applications will be accepted only during the initial application period and during any subsequent application period.


Q:  How many commercial cannabis permits will be issued?

A:  Up to six (6) retailers, four (4) cultivation sites, and four (4) testing labs will be permitted to operate at any one time in Pasadena.


Q:  Where will a cannabis business be allowed to operate?

A:  Retailers will be permitted in the CO, CL, CG, CD and IG zoning districts.  Cultivation sites will be permitted in the CG and IG zoning districts.  Testing labs will be permitted where other medical labs are allowed.  Locations will also be subject to minimum separation requirements from other uses such as 600 feet away from K-12 schools and residential zones.


Q:  Can I operate a cannabis business without a permit from the City?

A:  No.  A commercial cannabis permit is required prior to opening any cannabis business in Pasadena.  Furthermore, a commercial cannabis license issued by the State (Bureau of Cannabis Control, CalCannabis, or the Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch) is also required prior to opening.


Q:  Where can I find the City’s cannabis regulations?

A:  The ordinance permitting commercial cannabis activity can be found here: