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Type of review:  Over-the-Counter

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Permit Type(s) Fire | Non-Construction Permit
Length of Review Same day, unless subject to Special Considerations.
Submittal Requirements

Site plan showing the location of tent(s) in relation to the surrounding property and a certificate of flame resistance (generally provided by tent installer).

Special Considerations

Tents smaller than 100 square feet do not require a permit (however, small tents may not be tied together to create a larger tent in an effort to avoid permitting). Information shall first be reviewed by Zoning, then Fire where the permit will be issued. Zoning may require a Temporary Conditional Use Permit for a tent due to its location (in this case, information will be submitted to Zoning - once the application has been approved, materials will be mailed to the applicant, and he or she will return to the Permit Center to complete the permitting process with Fire)

Fees Many fees will be determined by project valuations.

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