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The City of Pasadena permits reasonable use of residential property for “yard sales” or “garage sales.”   This ordinance establishes the limits for such sales, prevents excessive number of sales at any one property, restricts unnecessary signs and superfluous advertising, and finally, curtails unattractive outdoor display of items for sale.  When conducted with concern for neighborhood appearance, yard sales or garage sales should cause no detrimental effect in a neighborhood’s residential quality.

City ordinance limits the number of yards sales to no more than two per 12-month period and for no longer than 3 consecutive days each.   Items for sale are limited to personal goods that have not been purchased for resale.   For more information on yard sale regulations view the City’s zoning code.

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Permit Type(s) Code Compliance | Non-Construction Permit
Submittal Requirements

You may either download a paper yard sale permit application (see below) and return it to the City’s Permit Center or apply for a permit online using the City’s online yard sale permit application. The permit fee is $21.00.

Try Pasadena’s new online yard sale permit application. Those living in residentially zoned areas of the City can obtain a yard sale permit online. The online permit fee is $21.94 ($21.00 permit fee plus .94 cent transaction fee). The fee can be paid using most major credit cards or PayPal.

Special Considerations

In all residential zones a sale of personal property may be conducted provided that all of the following conditions are met:

Items offered for sale for profit shall be limited to personal property not acquired for resale, owned by the applicant who shall be a resident of the dwelling where the sale is to be conducted.

Personal property from several donors may be sold if a non-profit organization joins in the application and states that it will receive the entire net proceeds of the sale.

Property offered for sale shall not be displayed in the front yard; or the side yard of any corner lot which adjoins a street. It is permissible to use a covered porch or garage for display of items.

One on-site sign, not to exceed 4 square feet, shall be permitted during such sale. No other signs are permitted in the area.

Personal property sale permits shall be issued for a maximum of two sales, each not exceeding three consecutive days per site in any 12 month period.

No permit is required for sales of personal property made under court order or process.

Fees Many fees will be determined by project valuations.

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