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Traffic Collisions

To assist our citizens and insurance carriers, the Pasadena Police Department has collaborated with LexisNexis to provide a secure online distribution portal for traffic collision reports.

Starting July 1, 2013, traffic collision reports are now available through LexisNexis eCrash.

To locate a report you must enter the report number, last name of the driver and the date of the occurrence.

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Available Services


Bicycle License – $4
Bicycle License Renewals, Transfers, Duplicates – $2

In order for a citizen to register his/her bicycle, they must be a Pasadena resident and fill out a Bicycle License Application. The citizen must bring the bicycle into the Police Department so that the serial number can be verified.

Clearance Letters – $25

Clearance letters or “letters of good conduct” are issued to assist residents or prior residents of the City of Pasadena with foreign travel and adoption requirements.  Clearance letters are not for employment background, immigration, or visa purposes.

Clearance Letters (with History) – $50

Any person cited or arrested by the Pasadena Police Department may obtain a summary of his/her criminal arrest record maintained by our department.  The Pasadena Police Department cannot give or obtain a statewide police records clearance.

The record summary consists of dates, charges and dispositions (when available) of arrests/citations with this department only.

State and National Record Clearance Letter for Immigration /Visa Purposes

California Department of Justice

The California Department of Justice (DOJ) will provide a statewide criminal clearance if you are an immigration applicant and you have been directed to obtain California or local clearances by the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service, by a United States consulate or embassy, or by a foreign government for emigration from the United States.  For recorded DOJ clearance letter information, call 916-227-3822. 

Federal Bureau of Investigation

You may also request a clearance letter for the purposes of immigration, emigration, and visas from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).  The FBI furnishes national clearances directly to the embassy or consulate that is processing the applicant.  For further information regarding an FBI clearance letter, please call the FBI at 304-625-3878

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Photos – $33

Any request for photos associated with a police report must be made in writing. Applicable fees, whether requested by a subpoena or not, will be provided to the requesting party, by the Photo Lab, only after it is determined how many photos are associated with a given can, whether or not they are approved for release, and the size and number of photos ultimately requested. You may print out the Photograph Request Form.

Recordings (Audio/Video) – $68

Any request for recordings associated with a police report must be made in writing along with the applicable fees.

Court Ordered Registration

If you are required by law to register as a PC 290 Sex Offender, H&S 11590 Narcotic Offender, PC457.1 Arson Offender, or PC186.30 Criminal Street Gang Offender, it is necessary for you to call for an appointment. Please call (626) 744-7206 to make an appointment or if you have any questions regarding the registration process.

To register you will need: Proof of Registration Requirement, Proof of Pasadena Residence, and Photo Identification.


Subpoenas, Civil Actions – $15

Subpoenas for records should be served to the Custodian of Records.  The exact amount due will be determined prior to the reproduction of documents.  However, please attach a check for $15 to the subpoena delivery.  Additional fees or supplies may be required for subpoenas involving large documents, video or audio recordings, photographs, etc.

Some reports that are not otherwise available for release will be considered for release with a valid subpoena describing what documents are necessary for an active civil court case.   Issuance of a subpoena does require release of more information than standard procedures allow, but does not require production of a variety of exempt records.  Some items may require a court order for release.

Subpoenas, Civil Actions (Personnel) 

Subpoenas for police department personnel should be served to the Detective Section Subpoena Clerk along with a $275.00 fee for each day of appearance, per each employee.  Civil subpoenas require 15 days between the date of service and actual appearance, as required, to allow for adequate notification.


Documents needed for a criminal court case must be obtained by way of a discovery motion addressed to the prosecuting authority (District Attorney or City Prosecutor).  The accused party’s defense attorney typically handles the discovery process.

Crime Statistics

Crime statistic records are produced in the Records Section and are available at the Pasadena Public Library at 285 E. Walnut St., Pasadena, CA 91101 at (626) 744-4066, Option 6.

Requests for Personnel or Policy and Procedure documents are processed through the Personnel Standards Section at (626) 744-4366.

Requests for current crime activity or trends in a particular neighborhood or area are processed through the Community Services Section at (626) 744-4551.

It is the policy of the Pasadena Police Department to support and promote openness in government by releasing information in a timely and responsible manner. It is our obligation to protect the lives and property of the residents of Pasadena and to ensure that those who stand accused of violating the law receive a fair trial. (Department P&P F-4 I).

Police Records are maintained for a variety of purposes. It is our duty to disseminate the records appropriately, always weighing the competing interests of all parties involved. It is important that we consider the need to know, right to know, and what is best for the public interest. (Records Procedure 17.11) Many police reports are not available for release. The Pasadena Police Department has a report retention schedule of (10) years with some exceptions.

Police Reports – $10

There are two ways to obtain a police report. The first way is to come in person to the Police Department Records Section, complete the request form and pay the fee. A copy will be then be provide as long as you meet the above requirements.

The second way is to request a copy by mail. Print out the police report request form, fill it out, and mail it along with a check or money order payable to the City of Pasadena. If you cannot print the document, you may write a letter requesting the report. You must include how you are associated with the case, your name, address, and phone number; the type, date, and location the of incident.

Vehicle Impound Releases

Vehicles may be released only to the registered or legal owner with proof of identity, a valid driver’s license, and proof of ownership.

Vehicle registration must be valid and complete.  Vehicles with a pending registration must have a DMV moving permit issued.

If the owner of the vehicle does not have a current driver license he/she must be accompanied by a licensed driver who will drive the vehicle from the impound lot.

These fees are payable to the City of Pasadena by cash or credit card only.   Additional fees are payable to the tow company for towing and storage.

Learn more about Impounded Vehicles