This Preliminary Monthly Statistical Report is based on Call for Service (CFS) data and is not Uniform Crime Report (UCR) compliant. Select call types are included for incidents closed with a report disposition. Using preliminary information allows for timely information to make immediate deployment decisions.

Below are definitions for categories represented in the Monthly Statistical Report:

  • Homicide – Murder and non-negligent manslaughter
  • Rape – Rape including attempts (not including statutory offenses)
  • Robbery – Theft or attempted theft by force or fear
  • Assault – Aggravated and simple assaults including attempt homicide (excluding domestic violence)
  • Simple assaults are separated in UCR reporting
  • Assault Domestic Violence – Any assault or attempt homicide where domestic violence is involved (spouse, live-in domestic partner, co-parent of child)
    • Simple assaults are separated in UCR reporting
  • Burglary – Unlawful entry and attempted unlawful entry of a structure to commit a felony or theft
    • Including locked vehicles (This classification is converted to a theft under UCR guidelines)
  • Theft – Theft or attempted theft of property that does not fall into the burglary category including unlocked vehicles
    • Identity theft, embezzlement, forgery, fraud, and the like are not included
  • Recovered Vehicles – Vehicles recovered by Pasadena PD in Pasadena regardless of the originating jurisdiction
    • This is provided for information only and does not attempt to match UCR reporting
  • Stolen Vehicle – Grand Theft Auto; vehicles stolen from Pasadena
  • Arson is tracked by the Fire Department. Therefore, it is not included in our preliminary Monthly Statistical Report