Health Services

There are several locations within the City of Pasadena that can provide free to low-cost healthcare services. Clinical services offered at the Pasadena Public Health Department include child and travel immunizations, screening and treatment of tuberculosis, and HIV testing.

Effective July 1, 2017, a $50 clinic fee will be charged in addition to the cost of vaccinations and certifications. The clinic fee includes documentation review by licensed staff.

Travel and Immunization Clinic

The PPHD Travel & Immunization Clinic may provide routine or traveler vaccines for children and adults.

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Tuberculosis (TB) Chest Clinic

The TB Clinic is a specialty clinic serving those who have or are suspected of having TB disease.

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Travel & Immunization Clinic Hours

Monday and Wednesday
8:00-11:00am and 1:30-4:30pm
Walk-in only

Tuberculosis (TB) Chest Clinic

Tuesday only

JWCH Institute, Inc.

JWCH Institute Logo
JWCH manages the Andrew Escajeda Comprehensive Care Services (AECCS) and Michael D. Antonovich Dental Clinic, and provides specialty care services for individuals with HIV/AIDS.

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Child Health & Disability Prevention (CHDP)

The CHDP Program offers routine physical check-ups, including vaccines, hearing and vision screenings, and more. Find out if your child is eligible.

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Health Insurance Enrollment

The Pasadena Public Health Department may be able to assist you and your family enroll in health insurance with Medi-Cal and Covered California.

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Travel and Immunization Clinic

Travel and Immunization Clinic

The Pasadena Public Health Department’s Travel and Immunization Clinic offers vaccinations, and immunization record replacement for children, teens, adults, people who are traveling and seniors.Please note, the Clinic maintains a limited supply of vaccines. To determine if vaccines are available at the clinic, please call (626) 744-6121. Clinic walk-in hours are Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:00-11:00am and 1:30-4:30pm. The clinic is located on the Second floor, Room 2130 at 1845 N. Fair Oaks Ave. Tuberculosis (TB) skin test is only offered on Mondays.

The Immunization Clinic at the Pasadena Public Health Department does not accept health insurance as a means of payment.  The clinic does not bill health insurance plans for vaccines or services on behalf of the Department or the client.  The clinic does not provide clients with health insurance billing information, such as ICD-9 codes or CPT codes, for vaccines and services rendered necessary for insurance reimbursement.

Effective Wednesday, April 8, 2015, the Immunization Clinic will not offer Yellow Fever vaccine to individuals 60 years and older. If you are 60 years of age or older, you may be at increased risk for severe problems following vaccination. Please consult your physician.

The PPHD Immunization Clinic policy on administration of any vaccine is to follow current recommendations from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the vaccine manufacturer. This includes the yellow fever vaccine, which will NOT be administered to individuals who have increased risk of an adverse event, including children younger than 9 months or adults age 60 or older. For these individuals, medical evaluation and vaccine may be available at other providers. A doctor’s note will not qualify an individual for vaccine administration at the PPHD Immunization Clinic if the individual does not meet current CDC and manufacturer’s guidelines. For more information, visit

Mandatory Influenza Vaccination of Health Care Personnel

The Health Officer has issued an order to reduce the rates of influenza transmission among health care personnel and the vulnerable populations they serve.  Health care personnel working in acute care hospitals, long term care facilities, and intermediate care facilities are affected by this Health Officer Advisory. To view this advisory and frequently asked questions (FAQ), please click the links below to download more information.

Vaccines for Children
Vaccines for Adults
Vaccines for Travelers

Tuberculosis Chest Clinic

Tuberculosis Chest Clinic

The Pasadena Public Health Department Travel and Immunization Clinic will only conduct skin testing for Tuberculosis (TB) on Mondays from 8:00-11:00 am and 1:30-4:30 pm. Skin testing is a walk-in service only. Please call (626) 744-6121 for more information.The TB Chest Clinic is only open on Tuesdays from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.

The Pasadena Public Health Department Tuberculosis (TB) Clinic provides tuberculosis screening, treatment services and case management to control and prevent transmission of tuberculosis in the Pasadena community. If tuberculosis is detected, a patient will receive:

  • A medical check-up by a doctor who specializes in pulmonary lung diseases
  • Chest X-ray
  • Close follow-up “case management” by a Public Health Nurse (PHN) throughout the course of treatment
  • Prescribed medicine
  • Directly Observed Therapy (DOT) by trained staff

Case Management

Case management is a process that coordinates resources and referrals for patients to support them in appropriately managing their TB disease.

Directly Observed Therapy

Under Directly Observed Therapy (DOT), clinic staff assists patients with taking prescribed medicines to treat TB disease by directly observing them take their medicines. This helps to ensure compliance so the correct dose is taken at the correct time, for the entire course of treatment.

The goal of DOT is to prevent:

  • Development of drug resistance and
  • Transmission of infection or disease

Updated TB Screening Requirements for the School-aged Population

In congruence with the most current public health and medical guidelines, and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, the tuberculosis (TB) testing policy for school-aged students has been revised.  Effective June 9, 2014, the current universal testing policy will expand the universal screening population to students entering pre-kindergarten through 12th grade to be tested if they are at elevated risk for TB. See below for the policy addendum.

This updated policy will avoid potential false positive results, lower the childhood exposure to unnecessary chest x-rays, and prevent treatment regimens that may have harmful side effects.  As a Pasadena Provider, you will assess children for risk of TB exposure during annual physical examinations, as outlined in the Sample Pediatric TB Risk Assessment Questionnaire, below.

Children will receive TB testing only if they are at increased risk of TB, which is indicated in the “Health Care Provider Follow-Up” column of the questionnaire.  Complete and sign the form, PM 171 A, “Report of Health Examination for School Entry,” and provide to the school as documentation of physical examination prior to school enrollment.

See below for more information:

TB Clinic Fees

TB Clearance for Immigrants (Including X-Rays) = $93.00

Regular Exam for Employment for School and Volunteer Clearance with previous history of positive skin test (Including X-Rays) = $52.00

TB Skin Test = $20.00

TB Record Replacement = $20.00

Tuberculosis Resources

For more information about tuberculosis disease treatment, prevention and control, please visit the following agency websites.

For Healthcare Providers

Child Health and Disability Prevention

Child Health and Disability Prevention

The Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) Program is a FREE health promotion and disease prevention program for low-income children and youth in California.  Each health department in the state operates their own local CHDP program.  In Pasadena, the local CHDP program is overseen by the Pasadena Public Health Department.  The goal of CHDP is to prevent and find health problems early through well-child exams.

What Does CHDP Offer?

CHDP offers routine physical check-ups including all needed vaccines, hearing and vision screenings, dental screenings, lab work, health education and more! School, camp, Head Start, and foster care physicals are also available. If a problem is found during the check-up, a referral will be given.

Who Is Eligible?

  • All Medi-Cal recipients from birth to age 21
  • Uninsured children and youth from birth to age 19 with low-income households  (no documentation or residency required)
  • Children in foster care


California CHDP Website

Child Health and Disability Prevention Medical and Dental Providers rev 2017.05

Become a CHDP Provider & Find CHDP Resources

Pediatric providers, licensed primary care clinics, or clinical laboratory providers who wish to apply to become a Pasadena CHDP provider can contact us to request an application packet or receive technical assistance.  Additional information can also be found on the California Department of Health Care Services website:

California Department of Health Care Services – Child Health and Disability Prevention

Resources for Pasadena CHDP Providers

Provider Trainings – FREE Provider trainings are available for CHDP Providers and staff. The following trainings are offered:

  • Audiometric Screening
  • BMI
  • Dental
  • PM 160 Billing
  • Vision Screening

Call today to schedule trainings!

CHDP Order Request Form – Complete this form to order PM 160 Billing Reports. Only faxes will be accepted.

Health Insurance Enrollment

Health Insurance Enrollment

The Pasadena Public Health Department seeks to reduce the number of uninsured children and families, and improve the overall health of Pasadena residents by providing access to care.  Our health insurance outreach program helps enroll single adults, families, pregnant women, and children in health insurance programs.  We have developed a strong network with community-based organizations, healthcare providers, and schools to provide a broad availability of resources.  Our outreach workers will help families find affordable insurance options, and help connect families to medical and dental healthcare providers.  Health insurance programs include:


  • A State-funded insurance program for children ages 0 through 64, who are legal residents of the US, and do not qualify for other health insurance options
  • Eligibility is based upon income and size of the family
  • Pregnant women may also receive pregnancy and postpartum-related services
  • Provides comprehensive medical, dental and vision care, prescription medicines, mental health services and hospitalizations
  • Additional information can be found on the California Department of Health Care Services Website: Medi-Cal Frequently Asked Questions

Covered California 

  • California’s online marketplace, or the “Exchange,” for purchasing quality health insurance
  • Eligibility is based upon income, size of the family, and citizenship
  • Applications are only accepted during the open enrollment period, or if you are experiencing a qualifying life event
  • Additional information can be found at

Presumptive Eligibility (PE)

  • Immediate and temporary Medi-Cal coverage for low-income pregnant women and women who believe that they may be pregnant, who do not have health insurance or Medi-Cal coverage for prenatal care
  • Additional information can be found on the California Department of Health Care Services Website: Presumptive Eligibility for Pregnant Women

For a quick reference guide on health insurance options for children, download the following brochure: