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Kris Markarian, P.E.
City Engineer
City of Pasadena, Public Works Department
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In June 2017, the City installed 10-foot-high metal mesh fencing around the benched alcoves on both sides of the bridge as a temporary deterrent measure. The City is now seeking responsibly designed permanent solutions that can be an effective deterrent while also being respectful of the bridge’s historic status.

No decisions have been made yet about any mitigation measures. The community meetings are opportunities to gather input and obtain ideas from all.

As part of this effort, the City reached out to prominent experts in the fields of architecture, engineering, historic preservation, mental health, suicide prevention and public safety to form a task force.


The Task Force’s mission is to engage the community in developing solutions that will deter people from attempting suicide at the bridge while also preserving the structure’s national historic status and architectural significance.


The vision of the Task Force is to allow the community to experience and enjoy the Colorado Street Bridge and the Arroyo as a safe and beautiful environment now and in the future.

Task Force

Task Force Members

Name Nominating Authority
Ms. Claire Bogaard Pasadena Heritage, Pasadena Resident
Mr. Melvyn Green, SE Structural Engineering Consult., Melvyn Green & Assoc.
Mr. Chris Peck, AIA, PE CM Peck Consulting, Pasadena Resident
Ms. Sue Mossman Pasadena Heritage, Pasadena Resident
Ms. Andrea Rawlings Architect, Pasadena Resident
Ms. Patricia Speelman, Division Director, Suicide Prevention Center – Didi Hirsch
Dr. Ying Ying Goh, MD Health Officer, Pasadena Public Health
Detective Darryl Harris Pasadena Police Department
Mr. Michael Johnson Director of Public Health, Pasadena Public Health
Mr. Ara Maloyan, PE Director of Public Works, Pasadena Public Works
Ms. Kris Markarian, PE City Engineer, Pasadena Public Works
Mr. Brent Maue, PE Assistant City Engineer, Pasadena Public Works
Corporal Brad May Pasadena Police Department
Ms. Takako Suzuki City Council District 6 Liaison
Deputy Chief Jon Trautwein Pasadena Fire Department

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Colorado Street Bridge Comments

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