Designated bike lanes and Roseways can be found on many Pasadena streets. In fact, over 12 miles of collector and arterial roadways in Pasadena have bikeways. Many were installed as part of the Foothill Freeway construction project in the early 1970’s. Pasadena also offers parking for over 1,000 bicycles in the form of bicycle racks at bus stops, city-owned parking lots, churches, private office garages, local business and apartment buildings. To date, over 200 new bike racks have been added citywide to further promote bicycling.

City of Pasadena’s Bicycle Transportation Action Plan

City of Pasadena’s Bike Map

City of Pasadena’s Bicycle Detection Map

Union Street Two-way Cycle Track Outreach

Metro Bike Share Has Arrived in Pasadena!

Metro and the City of Pasadena have implemented Phase 2 of the Regional Bike Share Program throughout Pasadena.

Visit Metro Bike Share for more information:

Metro’s Pasadena Bike Share Program will have approximately 400 bicycles at 34 bike share stations that are located to serve the Central District, Pasadena City College, Caltech, and Metro Gold Line Stations.

View map of bike share stations in Pasadena.

The City Council approved the program (October 10, 2016) and the station locations (February 27, 2017), and the Department of Transportation is finalizing the details. View Bike Share Fact Sheet from May 2017.

Bike Paths

Bike paths are paved facilities designated for bicycle use that are physically separated from roadways by space or a physical barrier and are referred to as Class I bike paths. Currently the City of Pasadena does not have any bike paths.

Bike Lanes

Bike lanes are lanes on the outside edge of roadways reserved for the exclusive use of bicycles, and designated with special signing and pavement markings. Bike lanes are referred to as Class II bike lanes.


Roseways are roadways recommended for bicycle use and often connect to bike lanes and bike paths. Routes are designated with signs only and may not include additional pavement width. Roseways are referred to as Class III bike routes.

Rules of the Road

The “Rules of the Road: Bicycle Safety Brochure” is now available at the Department of Transportation, local bookstores, and your local bicycle shops. DOWNLOAD