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Parking is a key component of Pasadena’s transportation program. The City has addressed parking problems associated with educational institutions, entertainment uses, religious institutions, commercial activities, special events, and the Gold Line Light Rail service. Experience with such programs underscores the need for the City to foster ongoing coordination and cooperation among businesses, institutions, residents, and governmental agencies in order to address parking needs in a collaborative manner.



The public is reminded that on October 27, 2014, the City Council approved the modification of the existing preferential parking permit program to include all residential streets with time limited parking as preferential parking areas effective July 1, 2015. The purpose of this modification was to provide the means for residents of streets with time limited parking to choose to be exempt from the time limits near their residences.

Residents within the boundaries of this new program are encouraged, but are not obligated, to participate in this preferential parking permit program. Residents who elect not to participate at this time, may opt in at a future time.


Types of Preferential Parking Permits

Resident Permit

Each household within an established PPP district, where the restriction has been posted after a voting process, is eligible to receive up to three (3) residential parking placards, with the submission of a current and valid vehicle registration. The address on the vehicle registration must match the address of the residence which qualifies for a preferential parking permit. These placards are to be used by persons residing at the property.

Visitor Permit

Each household within an established PPP district, where the restriction has been posted after a voting process, is automatically eligible for three (3) visitor permit placards. These placards are to be used by persons who are visiting or conducting business in their home. Please monitor the use of these placards and be responsible for their return and reuse.

Daily Permit

Each household within an established PPP district, where the restriction has been posted after a voting process, is eligible to receive guest daily hang tags which are distributed in batches of 10 to be used for guests.

Preferential Parking Permits Fee

The fee for the initial set of Preferential Parking Permits which includes up to 3 Residential Permits, 3 Guest Permits, and 10 One-Day hang tags is $10.

Each additional 10 pack of One-Day hang tags is $5.

To obtain your permits, please contact the Parking Office located at 221 E. Walnut St., Suite 199 or call the following number to request permits (626) 744-7665.


The City of Pasadena owns and operates several parking facilities in the City of Pasadena, offering low rates and many conveniences. These parking lots are in close proximity to retail, restaurant, entertainment, office buildings and the Rose Parade route. All these parking facilities are located close to the City’s transit service in the Old Pasadena, Civic Center, Playhouse, and South Lake areas. All also offer monthly parking permits at various rates, depending on availability. Please click on the map for location and information on parking facilities throughout the city.

Note: There is NO street parking allowed in Pasadena between 2am and 6am except where posted otherwise.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

If you have an electric vehicle and would like to know which parking facilities have a charging station, please visit Pasadena Water & Power.


The City of Pasadena has a tremendous amount of on-street parking throughout the City. A majority of it is not restricted to a time limit during daytime hours, but please read any posted signs when parking. Parking is not permitted on City streets between the hours of 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. except where posted otherwise.

You should also adhere to all painted curb markings when parking on City streets. As a refresher course, you may view the regulations associated with each of the curb markings by clicking PMC 10.40.120.


Over 1,200 parking meters are operational in five areas in the City: Old Pasadena, Civic Center, South Lake, Playhouse and West Gateway. Parking meters provide an effective tool to encourage drivers to keep parking as short as possible. This allows other drivers to use these convenient, short-term parking spaces close to retail shops, restaurants and other businesses in these areas. Longer term parking is available in the City’s garages and lots. Click here for locations.Parking meter revenue has been reinvested in Old Pasadena to maintain the streets, sidewalks and alleys, as well as provide new signs, lighting, pedestrian-friendly alleys, and other improvements restoring the area’s historic beauty.

Parking meters are enforced seven days a week in the Old Pasadena and West Gateway areas, and six or seven (depending on the area) days a week in the Civic Center, South Lake and Playhouse areas (except when otherwise noted), and except on these 9 holidays: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King’s Birthday- Third Monday in January, President’s Day-Third Monday in February, Memorial Day-Last Monday in May, Independence Day-July 4, Labor Day-First Monday in September, Veterans Day-November 11, Thanksgiving Day-Fourth Thursday in November, and Christmas Day-December 25.
Parking rates vary in each area, so please be sure to note these, and the posted operating hours and time limit when you park at any parking meter!

REMINDER: There is NO street parking allowed in Pasadena between 2am and 6am except where posted otherwise.


Please note: Holiday Overnight Parking Citation Moratorium – 2 am to 6 am, from December 23 thru January 3. Vehicles legally parked on the street during the aforementioned hours and dates will not receive a citation for overnight parking. Overnight parking citations will resume being issued the morning of January 4, at 2 am.




Pasadena DOT regulates the use of curb space to address competing needs, assist in moving people and goods more efficiently, support the vitality of business districts, and create livable neighborhoods. In business districts, including blocks with mixed-use buildings containing residential units, the City of Pasadena prioritizes the use of curb space as follows:

  • Transit – bus stops, bus layover zones, etc.
  • Loading Zones – for passengers and deliveries.
  • Short-Term Parking – for customers of nearby businesses (typically 2-hour or 1-hour time limits).

Free long-term commuter and employee on-street parking are actively discouraged in business districts.

As changes occur in a business district, the way in which available curb space is used may need to be adjusted. Sometimes new developments and buildings are built that require the use of the curb space to be changed. Or, an adjustment to the use of curb space is needed for something as simple as the needs of a new business differs from those of the previous business at the same location.

If you live in a preferential parking area and you are having a party you may purchase one day hang tags to distribute to your guests. If you expect 40 vehicles or more you may request a Special Event Preferential Parking Exemption for a fee of $20. The following is the process to obtain your Special Event Preferential Parking Exemption:

  • Please contact the Parking Office with your request for a Special Event Preferential Parking Exemption.
  • Prepare a notification letter to be distributed to all affected residents and/or businesses. Please be sure your notification letter provides the date, hours, number of expected vehicles, street name(s) including boundaries/limits you requesting an exemption. A sample notification letter is attached for your reference.
  • Forward a copy of your notification letter along with the attached signed notification statement to the Parking Office.
  • The Parking Office will review your information and provide you with a confirmation number. A confirmation number is required for your exemption to be valid.
  • Please contact the Parking Office at (626) 744-7665 with any questions.
  • The fee to process a Special Event preferential parking exemption is $20.

On-street parking is a public resource, but it has long been realized that it is not an unlimited one. Accordingly, the state enacted legislation many years ago that enables cities and counties to manage on-street parking through the use of time limits, prohibitions and the use of parking meters (see California Vehicle Code Division 11 Chapter 9).

A ban on overnight parking on City streets in Pasadena was first enacted in 1921 and amended in 1948 to the current time period (2:00 A.M. to 6:00 A.M.) In 1971, the ban was further amended to allow for overnight permits. The City Council reviewed the ban in 1991 and 1998, but made no changes. The reasons for supporting the ban over the years include; facilitating street sweeping, identifying abandoned vehicles, crime detection, encouraging off-street parking and discouraging long-term on-street parking. Citizens surveyed in 1991 responded 75/25 in favor of retaining the ban in single family residential areas and 50/50 in multi-family areas.
Residents without temporary or permanent parking may apply for annual daytime or overnight on-street parking permits that allow them to park during those hours. All residents and/or visitors may also obtain overnight on-street parking permits for their vehicle or for a guest vehicle at any of the five conveniently located kiosks (TOPEKs) or online (TOPEO).

In Pasadena, time limits are used to manage on-street parking in two general types of areas. In residential areas adjacent to commercial areas, parking time limits are used to discourage long-term parking by employees of the businesses in the commercial areas. The City allows a provision for daytime permits to residents in these time-limited areas who need to park on-street near their homes during the hours the time limits are in effect. In commercial areas, generally by petition of the business/property owners, time limits are used to encourage the turnover of parking spaces to provide short-term parking for visitors to the commercial areas.

The reason for this is found in the way the Pasadena Municipal Code regulates time-limited parking on a block by block basis. Chapter 10.08.070 B states the following:
“A vehicle shall be deemed to have been parked or left standing when such vehicle has not been moved more than 1 block under its own power from its original stopped, parked or standing position.“ A block is defined (consistent with the California Streets and Highways Code) as the segment of a street between adjacent intersections or between an intersection and the terminus of the street or the City boundary. This definition was adopted by the City Council in recognition of the abuse of on-street parking by long-term parkers who would move their vehicles to new spaces within the same block to avoid being cited for being in one location for longer than the time limit.

Temporary daytime parking exemptions may be purchased at the five (5) conveniently located kiosks, throughout the City (TODPEK). Temporary daytime parking exemptions are valid in residential, business, and commercial areas. A temporary daytime parking exemption is valid from 6:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. and exempts vehicles from the day-time restrictions only. Daytime exemptions are not valid in metered spaces. You must obey all other posted and applicable restrictions. Temporary daytime parking exemptions may only be purchased for same day use on the day requested or one day prior after 6:00 pm.
Temporary daytime parking exemptions may be purchased in advance and in bulk from the Parking Office located at 221 E. Walnut St., Suite 199.

Temporary daytime parking exemptions may only be purchased for same day use on the day requested or one day prior after 6:00 pm. For large gathering you may purchase temporary daytime parking exemptions in advance and in bulk from the Parking Office located at 221 E. Walnut St., Suite 199.
Motorcycles cannot park on a sidewalk. Motorcycles are considered vehicles by the California Vehicle Code and are subject to the same rules and regulations of any car.

A Motorcycle may share a parking space with another vehicle within a single metered space but you do so at your own risk. If sharing the space with another vehicle, the motorcycle must be fully parked within the parking T’s, the rear tire or fender must touch the curb, and the meter must be paid. If you share the space with another vehicle, you will be subject to citation if the meter expires while you are parked in the space.
Motorcycles are required to purchase and display their receipt when parked at a pay and display, multi-space meter.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your permit is visible to the parking enforcement officer. You may purchase a motorcycle permit lock as any parking citations issued due to permit not being visible to the officer at the time of citation will not be dismissed.