Cross-Connection Program

Program Overview

Pasadena Water is committed to providing safe and reliable water. A Cross-Connection Program is one of the tools used to protect the water distribution system. There are two types of Cross-Connection Control programs, system protection and internal protection. System protection protects the water supply up to the service connection or water meter. System protection prevents any on-site contamination from getting back into the water distribution system by requiring a backflow prevention assembly to be installed at the meter or service connection. Internal protection protects the quality of water within the customer’s plumbing system.  

Our Cross-Connection Control Program is a joint effort of the Pasadena Water and Pasadena Public Health Departments. Pasadena Water is responsible for system protection while the Pasadena Public Health Department is responsible for internal protection. The Pasadena Water Cross-Connection Control Program oversees and monitors the installation, testing, and maintenance of backflow prevention assemblies within the Pasadena Water Department’s service area. The program utilizes administrative staff to maintain our database, send reminder notices, conduct site surveys, and to assist stakeholders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is backflow?
Backflow occurs when water from your property's plumbing flows backward into the City's water system. Backflow conditions can occur when the City's water system pressure drops (like during a fire or a water main break), or when a customer's water pressure is higher than the City's water system.

Who is required to install a backflow prevention device?
Under state law, any customer's water system that has the potential to create a hazardous condition is required to install a backflow prevention device. This includes, but not limited to, fire services, irrigation services, industrial, commercial, medical services, hotels/motels, schools, food facilities, multi-story buildings, and multi-family domestic water services.

What is needed to install a backflow device?
If your property is required to install a backflow device, you must follow the requirements for new or upgraded water services. Visit our Water Services Planning page for more information.

I received a notice of annual backflow prevention assembly testing, now what?
It is the responsibility (and at the expense) of the consumer at any premise where backflow prevention assemblies are installed to have a field test performed. The field test is to be completed by the due date on the notice and be performed by a certified backflow prevention assembly tester at least once per year.

Who can I call to test my backflow prevention assembly?
A backflow prevention assembly tester that is certified with the County of Los Angeles Public Health Department. Click here for a list of L.A. County Certified Backflow Prevention Testing businesses.

How do I know if a tester is certified to test my backflow prevention assembly?
Click here for a list of L.A. County Certified Backflow Prevention Device Testers.

Where can I get another Field Test Form?
If your property has a backflow device, you will automatically receive a Field Test Form from PWP for your certified tester to complete. You may need another form if you misplace your form, have a backflow device that needs to be replaced, or have a new backflow device that needs to be installed. Certification form for new installations. Certification form for existing devices.

What happens if my device fails its annual test?
Submit the failed test form and promptly make arrangements to repair the backflow prevention assembly then re-test. If the backflow prevention assembly continues to fail, the device will have to be replaced and tested.

My backflow assembly has been tested and certified, now what?
You can e-mail the field test form to:

Or, you can mail the original test report to:

Pasadena Water and Power
Cross-Connection Control Program
150 S. Los Robles Ave. Suite 200
Pasadena, CA. 91101


What is the City of Pasadena’s Cross-Connection Policy?
Pasadena Water has established requirements and regulations for cross-connection and backflow prevention complementary to those imposed by State and Municipal regulations. Please click here to download the Cross Connection Policy in Appendix “A-2” of our Water Regulations.