Drought Tolerant Landscapes

Drought-Tolerant landscapes are an easy way to reduce your landscape maintenance and your household water consumption. 

Waterwise Gardens from EGIA on Vimeo.

Below are a few resources to help you transform your water-thirsty turf into a water-efficient and California-friendly landscape:

Landscape Transformation Rebate Program

PWP and SoCal Water$mart provide turf removal incentives to our customers: Receive $1.00 per square foot for residential  and commercial properties. To learn more, please visit the Landscape Transformation Rebate webpage. 

Free Workshops

PWP hosts water-conservation workshops and events such as Laundry-to-Landscape Greywater Workshops, Efficient Irrigation Workshops, Rain Barrel Demonstrations, and the new Watershed Wise Landscaping Workshop Series. Visit our Events page to learn more.

Free Landscape Surveys

Customers interested in retrofitting their landscape and irrigation to save water can apply for a free landscape survey through the Home Improvement Program. The survey will include an irrigation system evaluation to identify potential leaks, overspray issues, and opportunities for drip and micro spray systems; and setting your irrigation contoller to the current schedule for Pasadena.  To learn more, please visit the Home Improvement webpage

Free Mulch Program

The Pasadena Public Works Department offers free water-saving mulch to residents. New loads of mulch will be available each year from February through November. Visit the Mulch Recycling website for this year's pickup schedule.

Free Drought-Tolerant Landscape Installation for Low Income Customers

Low Income customers are eligible for a drought-tolerant and water-efficient landscape, complete with drip irrigation, native plants and mulch, at no cost, through Under One Roof.

Tree Care Information

When you replace turf and other water-hungry plants with drought-tolerant gardens, make sure to properly care for your trees. Check out the infographics below on tree care maintenance:

Step-by-Step Guide to Create a Drought Tolerant Landscape (PDF Guides)

  1. How Much Turf to Remove
  2. Methods for Removing Grass
  3. Landscape Design Plans
  4. Modifying the Irrigation
  5. Maintaining the new Landscape

Drought Tolerant Design Ideas:

Sample drought-tolerant landscapes design ideas for front yards:

Sample drought-tolerant landscapes design ideas for parkways: