Electric Vehicles

Pasadena Water and Power is committed to supporting electric vehicles (EVs) to help curtail our dependence on oil and cut carbon emissions. The City of Pasadena provides incentives to help drivers switch to cleaner electric vehicles. We are also growing the charging infrastructure, thanks to cooperation between public and private entities.

Why Choose an Electric Vehicle?

More and more people are choosing electric vehicles over gas-powered cars and trucks to reduce pollution, conserve energy, save money and reduce their carbon footprint. And, more and more auto companies are shifting their focus to EVs.

  • No Tailpipe Emissions: Electric vehicles have no tailpipe emissions, keeping our immediate environment cleaner and healthier.
  • Less Carbon Overall: Battery-electric vehicles create 60 percent less carbon than traditional gas-powered vehicles. Operating electric vehicles has a lower overall carbon footprint, especially when charging in Pasadena.  With PWP’s commitment to sustainability, currently 30% of Pasadena’s power comes from renewable sources, and will increase to 50% by 2030, meaning the electricity you use to power your vehicle will be cleaner every year. And to be even more green, choose PWP’s Green Power Program to power your home or business from 100% renewable sources, producing no emissions at all!
  • Cheaper to Operate and Maintain: The cost of charging with electricity is cheaper than fueling up with gasoline; and without the exhaust system, EVs don’t need oil changes. With fewer moving parts and fluids, and simpler components, they also need a lot less regular maintenance. The cost of driving a EV is usually half to one third the cost of driving an equivalent gasoline-powered vehicle.
  • A Powerful Ride: If you haven’t driven an electric vehicle, you might be surprised at the performance. An electric car is quiet and drives very smoothly. EVs deliver power from the accelerator immediately to the wheels, which makes driving them pretty fun!

Some helpful tools to find the Electric Vehicle that’s right for you:

For more information on EVs visit PlugInCars.com

To see a cost calculator for EV vs Gas, try UC Davis’ Electric Vehicle Explorer

PWP Incentives for Electric Vehicles

PWP Electric Vehicle IncentiveTo offset higher electric bills due to charging EVs at home, Pasadena Water and Power offers free LED lights when you purchase or lease an Electric Vehicle. Replacing inefficient lighting with LEDs is a fast and easy way to save energy at home.

PWP EV Charger Incentive: PWP will provide a rebate to customers who purchase and install a qualifying EV charging station. Portable 240V charging stations may also qualify for this incentive.

Other Incentives for Electric Vehicles

Federal tax incentives of up to $7,500 through the IRS Plug-In Electric Drive Vehicle Credit (IRC 30D).

State Rebates of up to $4,500 through the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project, funded by the California Air Resources Board and administered by the Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE).

Carpool Lane Sticker Qualifying PEV and Plug-In Hybrid EV owners are eligible to ride in the high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane by obtaining a Clean Air Vehicle (CAV) sticker. A limited number of “Green Stickers” are available for plug in hybrids, and an unlimited number of “White Stickers” are available for electric-only vehicles. Apply through the California DMV.

Where to Find Charging Stations

A number of charging options are already available on the road, and many of which are free if you charge in Pasadena. In fact, Pasadena is one of the few to offer the fast charger at no cost to EV users. Cars can receive a full charge in under 15 minutes and be back on the road in no time. Not all charging stations are alike or compatible with your EV’s charging specifications, so check your vehicle specifications for charging station compatibility before plugging in.

There are a number of great mobile apps for finding the nearest charger: