Electric Vehicle Chargers

Electric vehicle owners have a number of fueling options to consider. PWP’s EV Charger page provides resources and information to help you understand the differences between each option.

Types of Electric Vehicle Chargers

There are three types of EV chargers available on the market:

  • Level 1 – uses a standard 120 volt AC electric circuit and does not require any additional installation. Level 1 charging works well for charging at home, work or anywhere a 120 volt outlet is available.
  • Level 2 – uses a 240/208 volt AC electric circuit. Offers charging through a 240 volt (residential) or 208 volt (commercial) AC plug and requires installing charging equipment and a dedicated electrical circuit. A Level 2 charger is considerably faster than Level 1, making it ideal for full charging overnight at home.
  • DC Fast Charger  (Level 3) – uses a 480 volt AC electric circuit, will recharge about 80% of the battery in 30 minutes. Uses a special plug compatible with many all-battery electric vehicles.

EV Charger Incentives

PWP  offers incentives for customers who install a Level 2  “wall mounted” or “hardwired” charging station at home, multi-unit complex, or business. A charging station allows for fast-charging of an EV and enables the car to charge during off-peak hours, when electrical demand is lower.

PWP will provide a rebate of up to $400 to residential customers and $600 to commercial customers who purchase and install a qualifying EV charging station. Portable 240 volt charging stations may also qualify for this incentive.

For rebate information and instructions, visit our Electric Vehicle and Charger Rebate Program page.

Where to Find Charging Stations Near You

A number of charging options are already available on the road, and many of which are free if you charge in Pasadena. In fact, Pasadena is one of the few to offer the fast charger at no cost to EV users. Charge at PWP’s free DC Fast Charger located at the Del Mar Metro Station, and you can receive a full charge in under 15 minutes and be back on the road in no time. Not all charging stations are alike or compatible with your EV’s charging specifications, so check your vehicle specifications for charging station compatibility before plugging in.