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Garfield Replacement Well Project


Pasadena’s aging water infrastructure needs updating.  Many of the wells that provide groundwater to Pasadena’s residents and surrounding communities were drilled 100 years ago and have been in service beyond their useful life.  Historically, 65% of Pasadena’s water is imported from northern California and the Colorado River which is inefficient and expensive.  The other 35% of water comes from local pumped groundwater which is less expensive and a more environmentally friendly option.  PWP intends to improve self-sufficiency of the water supply and reduce costs while making preparation for the reductions of imported water supply due to a number of factors such as climate change, earthquakes and regulatory constraints.  Improving water production capacity will address the water supply needs of the community when imported water supplies are not available.  The first step in working towards this goal is to replace its aging wells and expand treatment capacity with modern facilities and technology.  The second step requires improvements to distribute, store, and where necessary, treat the pumped groundwater.  These improvements are all a part of the Water Department’s capital improvement program.

It has been 23 years since Pasadena’s newest well went into service.  Currently, PWP is preparing to replace the existing Garfield Well which was drilled in 1921 and removed from service in 2015.  The new replacement well will use the existing building for electrical equipment and the fenced perimeter since both are needed and functional for its intended purpose, and it would not require encumbering more parkland space.  Sound from an operating well is a concern to residents and park users so the new pumping equipment will utilize a submersible pump which effectively eliminates noise and above-ground impacts.


The proposed location for the Garfield Replacement Well is north of the basketball courts and east of the children’s playground on Garfield Avenue, about 100 feet northwest of the existing Garfield Well (586 N. Garfield Avenue) in Villa Parke.


Public Outreach:  PWP began reaching out to the local community with various homeowner’s association.  PWP has also met with city council field representatives and additional outreach will include notices and flyers to residences.

Design: The design was completed in December 2020.

Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND): This document in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act can be viewed here.  The comments and responses to the MND can be viewed here.

Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program (MMRP): This document identifies mitigation measures to be taken to lessen or avoid impacts on the environment. This document can be viewed here.

Construction: Drilling of the new well is anticipated to start in October 2021 with completion by February 2022.

Construction Hours

Non-stop drilling is necessary for the entire depth, in order to avoid collapse of the borehole or loss of drilling fluids. It is anticipated that construction activity will necessitate continuous (24/7) operation for approximately 33 working days. However, the actual duration may change due to unforeseen circumstances. These are likely to occur in 2 two-week stretches for a total of a two-month period. After the well drilling is completed, subsequent site activities will not require exemption and will be performed during the hours allowed by PMC 9.36.070 (Construction Projects).

Additional Information

There will be minimal disruption to the park’s recreational activities during construction.  PWP will implement the necessary measures to mitigate noise levels, ensure public safety around the work area at all times, and special efforts will be taken to keep any other inconveniences to a minimum during construction.


If you have questions, or would like to learn more about this project, please submit a form below. A response will be returned within two business days.

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