Landscape Transformation Program

PWP and SoCal Water$mart are rewarding customers who incorporate water-saving plants, technology, irrigation systems and hardware into their landscape designs.

Now, residential and commercial customers can receive $1.00 per square foot of transformed landscapes.

Understanding the New Program

The new Landscape Transformation Program is different from our Turf Removal Program and comes with new eligibility and program guidelines. Please make sure you understand the program before embarking upon your landscape transformation.

Please review the Landscape Transformation Program Fact Sheets for a quick overview of the new program:

Residential Landscape Transformation Program Fact Sheet (PDF)

Commercial Landscape Transformation Program Fact Sheet (PDF)

How to Qualify

How to Apply

  • Submit an application on Socal Water$mart, before you remove any turf. 
  • Once you have submitted your application, it will be reviewed and you will receive an email from SoCal Water$mart that your rebate has been reserved, along with a reservation number. Please do not start your turf removal project until you receive the rebate reservation confirmation.
  • When your project is complete, visit the Landscape Transformation Application to request your rebate by completing “Step 2: Rebate Application”
  • Your rebate application will be reviewed and you will receive an email with the results in approximately 4-5 weeks
  • Once approved, you will receive your rebate in 8-10 weeks