Power Integrated Resource Plan

The Power Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) is Pasadena’s long-range blueprint for supplying reliable and environmentally responsible electricity at competitive rates. The IRP is based on an industry-standard, 20-year planning horizon.

About the 2018 Power IRP

Pasadena Water and Power will start to develop and update the Power Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) in early 2018. The Power IRP is a state mandate, with a due date of January 1, 2019. Prior to this mandate, PWP produced IRPs in 2009, 2012 and 2015.

As with previous IRPs, PWP will work closely with the community to determine the best resource planning options that maintain Pasadena’s environmental stewardship as well as its competitive rates. PWP looks forward to receiving input from the community as we start the IRP process.

To learn more about the 2018 Power IRP’s development goals, visit our 2018 IRP Background & Goals page.

Timeline of Power IRP Development

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Public Input Opportunities

PWP will collect input from the Stakeholder Technical Advisory Group (STAG), which is made up of a diverse group of ratepayers and City leaders, including representatives from large customers, residential customers, institutional customers, environmental advocacy groups, City Commissioners, and City staff.

Feedback from the entire Pasadena community will be an essential part of the 2018 development process. PWP customers can get involved in the development process in four ways:

2018 IRP Feedback Form

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September 12, 2017


Provided an Update on the 2015 IRP

February 13, 2018


Provided an Update on the 2018 IRP Process

February 22, 2018

City Council District Liaison Meeting

Provided an Update on the 2018 Process and Timeline

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July 10, 2018


Update on IRP Progress

July 18, 2018

Community Meeting

General information for the public

August 23, 2018

Community Meeting

General information for the public



Learn More About Previous Power IRP

PWP has made significant progress towards achieving the goals set in previous Power IRPs. To view archived Power IRP documents, click here.