Learn How to Avoid Potential Scams

Utility customers are a target for scammers, who often disguise themselves as employees in order to sell services or demand money. Common scams include:

  • Phone calls or home visits from someone posing as a PWP representative who demands payment and threatens to turn off water or electric service.
  • Unscheduled home visits from scammers posing as PWP meter readers/inspectors or posing as contractors offering home energy audit services.
  • Phone calls, home visits and online solicitations promoting government utility assistance programs and that ask for social security or banking information.

The best way to avoid potential scams is by learning how to tell the difference between PWP employees and scammers. Visit our Fraud Protection page for information on how to spot a scam and what to do if you’re a victim.

Recent Fraud Attempts 

Here is a list of the most recent PWP fraud attempts, as reported by our customers. Share this information with other PWP customers to prevent other possible victims from falling prey to these scammers:

  • A scammer going by the name of “Clark Smith”  is using 866.978.0484 ext. 201 as his contact information.
  • A scammer is using 626.744.3739 as their contact information.