Residential Electric Vehicle and Charger Incentive Program


PWP residential customers are eligible for a $250 rebate when they purchase or lease a new or used plug-in electric vehicle (EV). Customers are allowed to receive incentives for up to 2 EVs per address every 3 years.

Customers can receive an additional $250 bonus rebate if they purchase or lease an EV from a Pasadena auto dealer.

An additional $250 is available for customers currently participating in PWP’s income-qualifying programs.


Residential customer are eligible for a $600 rebate when they install a qualifying “Wi-Fi enabled” EV charger at their home.

Residential customer are eligible for a $200 rebate when they install a standard (Non Wi-Fi) EV charger.

How to Qualify:

  • Purchase or lease a plug-in electric vehicle (EV).
  • And/or purchase and install a Level 2 (240V) charging station at your Pasadena home. For the $600 incentive, make sure the charger is a “Wi-Fi enabled” model.
  • Submit your online rebate application within 180 days of purchase.
  • Only residential PWP electric customers are eligible.
  • Review complete EV Program Requirements listed below.

How to Apply: 

  • Log in to your PWP account.
  • Select “Apply for Rebates”
  • Please upload electronic copies of the following:
    • For the EV Rebate, please provide proof of the EV purchase or lease. Acceptable documentation includes a copy of the vehicle’s CA DMV Registration or a Lease/Sale contract.
    • For the Charger Rebate, please provide:
      • An itemized sales receipt of invoice. For the $600 incentive, make sure the charger is a “Wi-Fi enabled” model.
      • Picture(s) of the EV charger installed at your home
      • A copy of the Building/Electrical Inspection Sign off that is provided by the Pasadena Building Inspector after the charging station has been installed and inspected
    • You will need to submit a rebate application for the EV rebate and an additional application for an EV charger rebate.
    • Once approved, your rebate check will arrive in 6 to 8 weeks.
    • If you have questions, contact PWP’s Answerline at 626.744.6970 or email
  • Review the Residential EV Charger Incentive Program’s Requirements listed below:

Residential Electric Vehicle Incentive Program Requirements

  • Purchased or leased plug-in vehicles (EVs) are eligible for incentives
  • New or used EVs are eligible for incentives
  • Applicant must have an active electric account with PWP
  • Plug-in Electric Vehicle must be registered at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in California
  • EV incentive is limited to two (2) vehicles every 3 years per residential address
  • The program participant must be the legal owner of EV and permanently resides at the address shown in the PWP electric account. Additional documents may be required to establish residency requirement if the register owner/lessor is not listed in the electric account.
  • Vehicle must be approved for highway application. (Electric scooters, electric bicycles, golf carts, neighborhood and low-speed vehicles are not eligible.)

Residential Charger Incentive Program Requirements

  • All electrical work must be performed by a qualified and licensed contractor in accordance with local codes, permitting, and inspection requirements.
  • A “Wi-Fi enabled” Level 2 charger must be a new unit purchased after August 1, 2018.
  • Resale units, leased, rented, rebuilt, received from warranty insurance claims, won as a prize do not qualify.
  • All Level 2 (240V) chargers must be equipped with the SAE J1772 standard connector plug and UL listed. (Certified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.).
  • All level 2 (240V) chargers must be permanently hardwired to the electrical service.
  • Portable 240V chargers may qualify for incentives.
  • An existing or new 240V outlet is NOT eligible for incentives.
  • Charger incentive is limited to two (2) chargers per residential address.
  • Residential customers currently enrolled, or have participated in the past, in PWP’s Experimental Time-Of-Use (TOU) rate are not eligible for this program.
  • PWP may conduct on-site inspection, at its own discretion, to verify information provided in the application.
  • Charger rebate will be based upon actual cost of the charger. Incentives received from other parties/agencies should be subtracted from the unit before applying for rebates from PWP. Rebate amount shall not exceed the costs of the equipment.